Top 10 Best Themes for a YouTube Channel

Top 10 Best Themes for a YouTube Channel

Using a blog, an Instagram account, or a website, a YouTube channel needs a main theme to serve as an overarching line of content. For content creators who are dedicated to this platform, having a main theme from which to draw inspiration for their video titles is essential to keep the flow of content flowing.

That’s why today we bring you the best 10 themes for a youTube channel that you can apply to gain views and subscribers.

YouTube is one of the best platforms for content creators who love to express themselves. As it is the perfect medium to create your own universe of opinions and audiovisual productions.

However, if you are creating a channel or feel you are running out of ideas, the list we bring today will be of great help.

Discover today the best themes for a YouTube channel and start creating amazing content on the topics you are most passionate about.

What are the best themes of how to create a YouTube channel?

Think about your favorite YouTube channels. Each of them should have a main theme that attracted you and these themes can be immensely varied depending on each one’s subscription list.

A YouTube channel can be centered around beauty, current events and news, opinions, health, and pretty much anything else you can think about it.

The theme of a YouTube channel is nothing more than the mainstream that the user-created content follows. Just like with blogs and Instagram accounts, you need a core theme in order to target your content to the right people. It is from this central theme that you will be able to choose the sub-themes that will give your content more precision.

Certain controversial regulations in recent years, YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms for creating and sharing content for an incalculable number of niches.

And the fact is that every month, YouTube registers the use of about 2 billion unique users who watch, in total, one billion hours of video every day. Impressive, isn’t it?

On YouTube, the category of videos that receives the most attention, views, and interactions are music videos. In fact, the channel with the most subscribers on YouTube is T-Series. The Indian record company that dethroned PewDiePie as the most popular channel on the platform.

However, you don’t need to be a globally recognized artist to get your videos to reach millions of views, you just need to know how to target the right audience.

Becoming an influencer on YouTube is a matter of creating content that you are passionate about and adapting it to the trends of the moment. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best topics for a YouTube channel to help you find your ideal topic and learn how to adapt your content to the most popular formats.

The best themes topics for a YouTube channel

When it comes to creating a personal brand, YouTube is an ideal way to make yourself known on the Internet. On this platform lies not only in having good planning and excellent strategies, also in choosing a topic that excites you and brings out the best of your personality.

For example, if you like to teach or are very good at something that others find difficult, tutorials are a great idea for you. Or if you’re good at exercise and have a health background, a fitness channel might be right up your alley. It’s a matter of identifying that content that has no chance of boring you and making the most of it.

#1. Reactions to the type of content currently trending.

If you go to the Trending section on YouTube, chances are that among the top spots is almost always a reaction by a content creator to something that’s blowing up social media. Whether it’s a new music video, a series of TikToks, a shocking news story, a movie trailer, or whatever you can think of. We assure you that you can do a reaction to just about anything, and the key to success is to be as genuine as possible.

Just look at Lewis Shawcross and his almost 200,000 subscribers. This Englishman found his niche reacting to Hispanic American music and now much of his content focuses on recording himself listening to Spanish music and sharing his opinion. Not bad, huh?

#2. Gaming and Video Games

When we tell you that sitting down to play video games is one of the most lucrative things you can do on YouTube.

The world of gaming is one of the most popular on this platform, it’s all about watching gamers go through level after level and try the latest video games.

But don’t be fooled. Gamers videos take quite a bit of time and dedication, but if you love video games, the time might just fly by. PewDiePie, who for a long time was the YouTuber with the most subscribers on the entire platform.

#3. Personal Vloggers

Many of the top-ranked influencers we know today started out as vloggers who recorded themselves in their day-to-day lives and shared their content with their followers.

Vlogs are a combination of videos and blog posts to share your opinions, experiences, feelings, and anything else you want to say on camera. They’re great for building your personal brand and connecting with your viewers in a pretty genuine way.

#4. Beauty, beauty tips and makeup

This category has become a real YouTube giant, being one of the most popular and populated topics you can find on the platform. Success stories of Spanish beauty vloggers abound, with NikkieTutorials being one of the most recognizable faces of the guild.

Despite being such a popular category, its success lies in the fact that each of its content creators have a unique style and a perception of beauty all their own. This makes this theme a very special place if you’re looking to express yourself through aesthetics, cosmetics, and creativity.

#5. My product reviews

Product reviews are an immensely useful category, as the content creator is dedicated to testing products and giving a genuine review of their experience. This subject matter can be found within other categories, such as makeup product reviews or tech gadgets.

Topes de Gama is a great example of how you can amass 3 million subscribers by reviewing the latest cell phones on the market.

In addition, product reviews are an opportunity to become an affiliate of a brand recommending products and earning a commission for purchase you make through your codes.

#6. Lifestyle: Health & Fitness (Health & Wellness)

Fitness and healthy living have gained a wave of interest that has remained fairly stable over the last few years. This is because we have realized the importance of physical activity and healthy habits in our daily lives.

Also, this has given you the opportunity to share your routines and nutritional knowledge to those who are truly passionate about the subject. Just look at Blogilates, a channel that can easily be one of the most recognized worldwide and today has more than 5 million subscribers.

#7. Tutorials

Like product reviews, tutorials can be placed within a broader subject matter such as computers, beauty, or crafts. However, they are one of the most useful and popular types of videos thanks to their ability to help a lot of people.

To make a tutorial you only need your knowledge and to find the way that is easiest for you to explain. Tutorials are perfect for people who know a lot about a certain topic and want to share what they know, and editing makes the process of explanation as easy as possible.

#8. Educational videos

If you are an educator who wants to expand, YouTube is a great opportunity for you. A lot of students and academic lovers are always looking for resources that facilitate knowledge, and YouTube is a very powerful tool to achieve this.

Therefore, creating educational content and sharing it on the platform is a very efficient way to make yourself known through beneficial content that, if it is especially good, will help more than one to pass the semester.

#9. Unboxing

Unboxings consist of opening brand new packages of products that you order by mail or that brands give you as an influencer. This is exciting content because come on, we all like to open packages.

This theme is very effective at getting users’ attention because it’s usually about new and recently released products. There’s an element of novelty, curiosity, and spontaneity involved in discovering what’s waiting in the still-packaged packages. That’s why, if you have the opportunity, you should definitely try recording a unboxing and sharing it.

#10. Product comparisons

Another great idea for recording a new video for your channel is to compare two or more products that serve the same purpose. The goal of these videos is to determine which product is the best and thus end up buying the one that best suits what you need.

These kinds of videos are always in high demand, as product comparisons usually help us make the best investment of our money. That’s why these videos are a great opportunity to draw attention to your channel and complement your main theme.

Let’s shoot!

These have been the best video themes for a YouTube channel. Any of them is a great option to start creating quality content for your subscribers to make yourself known on the platform.

But before you get started, have a couple of extra tips:

  • Make sure your videos have the best quality: invest in good equipment and make sure you have good lighting and an organized environment when recording.
  • Make a script: no matter how spontaneous your personality is, organizing your ideas by points will help you save a lot of time when recording. This way you avoid making mistakes and having to start over every time.
  • Create a publishing plan: a publishing calendar is a great help to compare the growth of your channel. So take the time to make a video schedule every month.

Visualize the content you want to create, choose the theme you like the most, and you’ll be ready to start boosting your YouTube channel. If you would like to have more information about our content like the blog subscribe or follow us on VideosCortos's social networks.