How the YouTube Partner Program Works

How the YouTube Partner Program Works

YouTube has become one of the main channels through which audiovisual content is produced and consumed for some youtubers, particularly what started as a hobby has become a profession. Today We will tell you, the YouTube Partner Program and how to earn income from your content.

If you are an enthusiast of creating content for this platform, but you don’t know how to monetize your videos, You have come to the right place.

Earning money through this platform has become a reality that many are aware of. In addition to monetizing videos, YouTube gives you help and tips to learn how to manage your channel, make better recordings, get more views, etc.

If you have done some research you will know that there are many people who have become rich simply by generating content on this platform. If you already know a bit about YouTube’s dynamics, let us tell you how to become a partner and the benefits this brings to your channel.

First, let’s define what is really to be a YouTube partner: in other words, about companies will pay you to place ads in your videos, although it is necessary to clarify that you will not always start receiving extra income from the moment you become a partner, for this you must follow and meet a series of requirements that we mention below:

  • First, have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have 4,000 hours of viewing during the last 12 months.
  • Finally, the channel and content must comply with the YouTube Partner Program policies, Terms of Service, anti-spam policies and the platform’s Community Guidelines.

These three basic requirements you will be eligible to apply to the partner program and turn your channel into a great opportunity to grow within the youtuber community.

How can I become a YouTube partner?

The first thing you must do is enter the YouTube Studio monetization page of your channel. This process includes agreeing to the program’s terms of use and creating a Google AdSense account, which links to your channel and allows ads to appear on your content.

Then you will have to wait until YouTube to approve your account then you will need to be patient till the plataform official guidelines state that it takes about a month for a response.

If your application is not approved, you may need to make some modifications to your channel, just two reasons why YouTube may deny you access to the partner program. As misleading titles or repetitive content are.

When your account has ads, you can decide what type of advertising you want to show: from banner ads at the bottom of the video to ads before, during or after your content. These can have different levels of success, depending on the content you make.

When your ads have started to generate some money, you will obviously want to get paid. To do this, follow Google’s guidelines for earning income from your AdSense account. Also You will need to earn at least $100 before AdSense will pay you, so it could be a few months before you can spend your first YouTube income.

If you still not too convinced about being part of this program there is another way to monetize your content on this platform.

Through branded marketing, this consists of promoting products through recommendations, undercover advertising, product placement, etc. Another form of marketing is the placement of links that take the user to web pages where products or services are sold (these pages must be previously authorized by YouTube).

Here, the youtubers themselves who will have to close deals with companies that may be interested in placing products in their videos. On some occasions, companies will pay with money; on other cases, they will pay in arrangements (giving away products, inviting to trips or events, etc.).

Benefits of becoming a Partner

Profit Sharing

One of the most prominent advantages of being a YouTube Partner is profit sharing. Once you have joined the partnership program, you can share in the profits generated by your videos. When you watch a video on YouTube, you will notice that there are advertisements at the bottom of the video. Advertising partners pay for this ad, and you can share some of the revenue with YouTube if you are in the partner program.


Another benefit of being a YouTube partner is the statistics that the site will provide you with. These will allow you to visualize exactly who is watching and enjoying your videos. With the statistics tool, you can see which videos are successful and which videos need more work. This way, you can target your future videos to better match what people are looking for.

This way you will achieve more popular videos in the future and make more money.

Promote your brand

When you get involved in the YouTube partner program, you can also use your partnership to promote your brand or your website. When you make videos, you can include a link to your site or information about one of your products. This way you can gain exposure to a potentially wide audience.

Content protection

Finally when you upload videos to YouTube, there is always a risk that someone will try to steal and violate copyright laws. If you become a YouTube partner, you will have more control over the rights associated with your content. e.g, if someone uploads a video that violates your copyright, you can block the content from continuing to be shown. You can also start renting consumer videos safely and securely through the YouTube system.

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