El Corte Inglés Partners Program: The Definitive Guide

El Corte Inglés Partners Program: The Definitive Guide

Affiliate marketing is revolutionizing the way online business is done around the world, and one of Spain’s giants could not be left behind. El Corte Inglés affiliation is a topic that more and more content creators are considering to generate commissions online.

El Corte Inglés’ online sales represent a huge faction of its revenue, so creating an affiliate system was only a matter of time. With 90 branches in Spain alone, this shopping mall competes with none other than Amazon in terms of affiliation and sales.

But ,how does it work? How much do you know about their partner program? Well, today we bring you a complete guide to the process of affiliating with one of the most popular stores in Spain. Are you in?

What is the El Corte Inglés affiliate program?

El Corte Inglés affiliation is a partnership system that works under affiliate marketing. This means that you as a content creator earn a percentage of every sale you help to make with the seller of a product.

These sales are produced when you integrate links that lead to these products on the sales platform. When a user follows this link and decides to buy the item, you keep a percentage determined by the store and the product category.

All affiliate programs work more or less the same way. This is why if you have previous experience working with commissions, it will not be at all complicated for you to register as an El Corte Inglés affiliate. However, there are some clear differences between this platform and other important partner systems, such as Amazon.

If you are new to the whole partner thing and want to know which are the best platforms to start generating income, we have good news for you! No matter your level of experience earning commissions, there is no limit to the number of partner platforms you can join. In fact, belonging to several programs just means that you have a greater chance of earning income if you invest the time and attention necessary to each one.

El Corte Inglés has an incredible reputation as one of the largest retail networks in Spain. In addition, it knew how to adapt perfectly to Internet sales, opening an important field for digital marketing strategies and the connection with its users. Sales through referrals then become a great way of business both for the store and for the websites that manage to generate them.

How much do El Corte Inglés partners earn?

The percentage of commissions you earn for each sale you generate is different for each platform. However, you can expect an estimated 1% to 10% of the purchase, depending of course on the category of the item. In the case of El Corte Inglés, commissions range from 1.73% to 6.92%, and are divided as follows in the main categories:

  • Electronics: 4.03%.
  • Sports: 4.03%.
  • Household: 4.03% Home: 4.03
  • Household appliances: 2.88
  • Computers: 2.88
  • Perfumery: 5.0% Toys: 4.03% Toys: 4.03% Toys: 4.03% Toys
  • Toys: 4.03% Toys: 4.03% Toys: 4.03% Toys: 4.03% Toys: 4.03
  • Books: 6.92%.

Depending on your niche, these commissions are pretty decent, especially when compared to the commission cuts implemented by Amazon this year.

However, the real appeal of El Corte Inglés affiliation lies in the size and reputation of the store. With 80 years since its founding, shopping at El Corte Inglés is one of the first choices for many Spaniards, which makes its online sales a sure shot when it comes to business.

Thus, becoming an El Corte Inglés affiliate is a solid option if you are looking to join an online commission system.

Benefits of becoming an El Corte Inglés partner

The El Corte Inglés partner program is a great option for anyone looking to join a commission system. It has an excellent reputation, decades of sales presence in Spain, and an incredibly dense variety of categories.

Here are some of its main benefits in detail:

Excellent reputation

El Corte Inglés is undoubtedly one of the most recognized brands in Spain. Because of this, they are trusted by a huge number of consumers who not only visit their stores, but have also made the transition to online shopping.

Founded in 1940, El Corte Inglés has been busy growing into the giant it is today. Being such an important brand, it could not be left behind and diversified its market to become one of the leading online retailers in Spain, competing with names like Amazon.

While there are many, many options for online sales today, many consumers are more inclined to go local. As a national brand, El Corte Inglés has many shopping facilities for its customers, including fast shipping and well-known brands. This puts it ahead of other names like AliExpress and other China-based retailers.

Variety for niches

El Corte Inglés has an immense variety of products in its more than 23 departments and categories. This means that there is a profit opportunity for any niche you choose to develop, from electronics to household supplies.

Focusing on a single niche can feel limiting when it comes to selling. However, with the amount of products that El Corte Inglés offers, you will find it quite easy to list, review and compare their countless items.

Whether you are into fashion, home appliances, movies, or sports, chances are that El Corte Inglés has something you can get commissions on. Also, it is important to mention that the cookie tracking period for this program is 30 days.

Campaign success

Closely related to its reputation and consumer perception, El Corte Inglés online campaigns have a high percentage of effectiveness.

This means that if a user sees an ad modified to their preferences by the Spanish retailer, the chances of them clicking through to the website are quite high. Add that to quality content that ranks organically and has an interested and interactive audience, and you have a real economic opportunity.

El Corte Inglés’ rates and commissions may be a bit lower than the competition. However, this is offset by the high purchase probabilities it has in Spain.

Just between its reputation, its compatibility with so many niches, and the success of its campaigns, El Corte Inglés puts in your hands a partner program that can perfectly complement an entire marketing system to generate online revenue.

Disadvantages of the El Corte Inglés Partner Program

Despite all its benefits, the El Corte Inglés partner program has a couple of disadvantages that may discourage some people. According to the program’s users themselves, these are some of the most notorious limitations of being an El Corte Inglés affiliate:

El Corte Inglés Spain: Complex Links

Compared to other partner platforms, El Corte Inglés’ link building process is quite lengthy and complex. While systems like Amazon have very useful tools to create product links – like their SiteStripe -, El Corte Inglés gives you very long link codes that make it difficult to insert them into your website.

The procedure to generate and insert links on a website is quite simple: you select a product and through the partner program a link is created and inserted into the code of your content.

While this is exactly what happens in El Corte Inglés, the problem comes when you see that the link offered for the article is a block of code that you have to modify a lot to make it look good on your website.

Added to this is a rather outdated interface that could use a more user-friendly and intuitive design. All this means a considerable amount of time that you have to invest in a problem that simply does not exist in other programs.

Only limited in El Corte Ingles Spain

While El Corte Ingles is a very important and recognized brand in Spain, one of its main disadvantages is that its partner program only works in Spanish territory.

This makes sense since its branches are only located in Spain and Portugal. However, its online sales have international shipping, so the partner program would benefit greatly from allowing purchases generated through links outside of Spain.

Although Internet sales are a very important factor for El Corte Inglés, there is no doubt that the geographic limitations of its partner system put it far behind the competition.

El Corte Inglés returns

One of the main complaints from partners to El Corte Inglés is the large amount of commissions lost due to returns. In addition to a lower conversion rate than the competition, many of the purchases your link generates are subject to a high likelihood of returns.

While El Corte Inglés’ cookie tracking is very good, lasting 30 days from the initial click, your earnings do not come as quickly as in other programs. Due to the return policies offered by the store, you won’t make a profit until after the 90-day guarantee period. This means that the sale you generate cannot be confirmed until three months after it has been made.

If we combine this with the low commissions, the difficulties in generating links, and the fact that you can only generate purchases within Spain, we have a partner program that works best as a complement to other income strategies.

Ventajas.desventajas Filiatly

How to become an El Corte Inglés affiliate?

Now that you know the main pros and cons of working as an El Corte Inglés affiliate, it’s time to learn how to join their program.

As with any partner program, the first thing you need is to own a website with quality content and sufficiently positioned in your niche. El Corte Inglés has specific requirements for networks that want to be their partners, so taking a look at the Terms and Conditions can prevent them from rejecting your initial application.

When you are ready to register your website in the partner program, just go to the registration portal, indicate that you want to join the program, and start filling in the fields with the information requested.

When you click on Register Now, you will notice that you are taken to a new tab with an Awin form. Awin is a global partner marketing network that is in charge of facilitating the affiliate process for certain brands, so don’t worry about giving them your information.

Once you have completed the necessary information, all you have to do is submit the application and wait for the platform’s verification. Keep in mind that your application may be rejected if you do not meet any of El Corte Inglés’ requirements, such as your content being in line with the store’s policies.

Upon verification and approval of your application, you automatically become part of the El Corte Inglés associate program. Once you are in, you will have access to your control panel, where you will be able to see all your income, your links, and all your options to generate partner links.

El Corte Ingles Reports

The analysis of your reports is a very important part of belonging to a partner program. This is where you realize which of your links are performing the best, allowing you to plot your future strategies with even more precision.

As an El Corte Inglés affiliate, your control panel will always be on the Awin platform. Here you will notice a bar of tabs where you can access different options, among which is Reports.

When you click on this option, you will see a panel where you can select the performance of the product, advertisers, and creatives. Likewise, you can detail the percentage of clicks you have received, your payments, and your transactions.

An important factor you should know is that these reports are not as detailed as, for example, Amazon’s, where you can track a very specific link or product. If you want to know more about how Amazon affiliation works, you can visit our ultimate guide to becoming an Amazon affiliate anytime.

Now, while the El Corte Ingles reports are lacking in detail, this doesn’t mean that you can’t track the performance of your links completely. You can track your earnings as long as you take the time to fill in the gaps.

For example, when you manage to sell something it is common that it does not tell you which specific product is giving you that commission, it only tells you its identifier code. What you can do in these cases is to review your list of linked items and see which code matches the transaction code. As you will see, it is simple to complete, but it is a step that you can skip in any other partner system.

Are you ready to join the El Corte Inglés partner system?

El Corte Inglés has many benefits in its favor, the main one being its prestige and reputation when it comes to supplying us with any product we may need. Its online sales are booming and it is one of the best options when it comes to partner links.

However, it is important to remember that its affiliate system has yet to grow enough to position itself alongside Amazon’s, which is currently considered the best partner program on the Internet.

This is why El Corte Inglés is perfect as a complementary program to a more effective partner marketing strategy. You can become an affiliate of as many brands as you prefer, so don’t worry about experimenting with the most popular ones until you have your perfect business plan.

Now that you know how the El Corte Inglés partner program works, you are ready to generate profits and receive commissions with one of the most important stores in Spain.

And you, have you already tried the El Corte Inglés partner program? Do you like the way it works? Do you think it works perfectly to generate main income or do you prefer to use it as a secondary complement?

If you would like to have more information about web content creators you can visit our blog and read all the texts related to these topics.

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